Triple Crown Color Garden Bouquet

Triple Crown Dinner Rings

Rainbow Series – Triple Crown Rings, fingershaped in your choice of 14K or 18K colored golds with the finest genuine AA+ faceted gemstones. Extremely comfortable fingershape flexes with your hand, and keeps stone centered. SELECTION LIMITED TO AVAILBLE GEMSTONES.

Swiss Blue Topaz & Rose Gold

Genuine Swiss Blue Topaz & 14K Rose Gold. 12X10 MM Emerald Cut, 7.8 CT. Sizzling layers of Mediterranean blue framed in rich, rose gold. Extra chunky bands, size 5.5

London Blue Topaz & Yellow Gold

Genuine London Blue Topaz & 14K Yellow Gold. 12X10 Emerald Cut, AA, 7.8 CT, size 9.5. Deep luminescent blue. Special Order only.

Sky Blue Topaz Emerald Cut & White Gold

Genuine Sky Blue Topaz & 14K White Gold. 12×10 MM Emerald Cut, AA, 7.8 CT, faceted. Ice blue, crystal clear, infinite layers. Size 7.5

Mozambique Garnet & Yellow Gold

Dark Orange Red Antique Cushion Genuine Mozambique Garnet, faceted, AA, 12X10 MM, 6.65 CT in 14K yellow gold. Bursting with intense fire and deep passion. Size 7.5.

Tangerine Citrine & Yellow Gold

Tangerine Citrine & 14K Royal Yellow Gold. 12X12 MM Antique Square Genuine Citrine, 7 CT, AA, Checkerboard cut. Dazzling brilliance. Size 7.5

Amethyst & Green Gold

Amethyst & 14K Green Gold. 10×10 MM Antique Square Genuine Amethyst, 3.65 CT, Checkerboard cut. Gorgeous deep purple with fiery red flame. Size 7.5

Amethyst & Rose Gold

Amethyst & 14K Rose Gold. 12x10MM Genuine AA Emerald Cut Amethyst, 5.9 CT Superb purple with fuscia flame. Size 7.5

Amethyst & Yellow Gold

Amethyst & 14K Yellow Gold. 12X10 MM Genuine AA Amethyst, 4.75 CT Cushion Cut, exceptionally pure purple with fiery red flame. Size 7.5.