Nautilus Copper Cuff

Copper with graduated inlaid Fine silver Nautilus pattern, hand shaped

Kimono Puff Cuff

Sterling Silver with inlaid Kimono patterrn of nickel, fine silver and 18K Yellow Gold.

Floating Kimono Cuff

Sterling Silver with floating disc of Nickel silver inlaid with Fine Silver Kimono pattern.

Nautilus Silver Cuff

Sterling silver with copper inlay, hand shaped using hydraulic press

Edith Crossover Cuff

Sterling Silver in satin finish

Edith Crossover Cuff Smoked

Sterling Silver crisscross with smoked finish

Crossover Cuff Kimono Print

Sterling Silver inlaid with Kimono pattern in 18K Rose and Green gold.

Comma Cuff Kimono Print

Nickel silver with inlaid Kimono pattern of Fine Silver & 18K Yellow Gold, sterling silver edges.

Comma Cuff Slantwalk

Sterling silver with inlaid 14K Rose, yellow and green gold.


Combo Cuff

Shaped Cuff Bracelet. Sterling & copper married metal with 14K Yellow gold inlay.